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About Us

Focused on Your Goals

Since 2002, Dr. Anthony Davis has shared his vision of helping the community live life to the fullest. “Many people believe there is nothing they can do about their health. That’s not true; we’re here to show you how!” Complete Spine & Headache Center welcomes people of all walks of life to experience true healing as we strive to create a healthier Ames, and Boone, and Huxley, one family at a time.

{PRACTICE NAME} Front of officeIt’s not about our goals; it’s all about you. Whether you want to get through the workday pain-free or climb a mountain, we’re here to support you with the care you want.

Relief Care. Live without the pain that’s been holding you back!
Wellness Care. Live your greatest, healthiest life, naturally!

Our hope is for you to be able to experience life the way you want to experience it. We are very respectful of your health goals and always focus on what you want for your health.

Meet Dr. Davis

Chiropractic Works!

Our philosophy is that pain and discomfort is a sign that your body is not able to properly adapt to stress: physical, chemical and emotional stress. These stressors have an effect on the ability of the body to adapt. Therefore, our job is to help restore your body’s ability to handle stress and get your body in a healthy state.

Chiropractic care is about identifying and removing obstacles in your nervous system since your nervous system controls and coordinates all of the systems of your body. By removing those interferences, you allow your body to better communicate and be able to adapt to the stresses that you place on your body.

We use a combination of technique, technology and touch to determine how we can best help. Patients love their simple, relaxing and very gentle Activator Methods® adjustments.

A Healing Process That’s Real

Dr. Davis strives to build your care on personalized education, teaching you about your health on your visits to Complete Spine & Headache Center. “I’ll customize your care, looking for patterns in your health and then teaching you how chiropractic care and lifestyle changes can help you feel better.” Our goal is to help you understand your body better, help you notice your progress and make your healing process real for you!

Change Your Life, Today!

One of the most fulfilling things about being a chiropractor for Dr. Davis is helping people change their lives. “Seeing your a life change in small or large ways is so motivating.”

From helping you sleep through the night to getting you back to your job to helping you tackle hard challenges of life, learn more about how we can help you live better. Contact us today!

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